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Equipment strength

  • Seiko weapon   Peer-leading

    Advanced production equipment, perfect quality can be guaranteed

    Leshan has a total of 15 vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers, 2 large CNC gantry pentahedron milling and boring machine, 1 set of high-precision numerical control flame cutting machine, a number of CNC deep hole processing machine.
  • Precision machining fluids

    The thickness of the cross-section of the ring is uniform, even for large-aspect-ratio bottles

    Using a four-axis machining center to complete a clamping to ensure that the die gland of the vertical
    and parallel, to prevent leakage of mold mouth
    China's exclusive use of the gantry machining rack insert surface, and five-sided processing of the swing frame with each other to ensure that the vertical pen inserted, even multi-cavity insert pen, but also to ensure that each bottle inserted angle are the same.
Main processing equipment

Seiko weapon   Peer-leading

Every detail, more sophisticated processing; advanced production equipment platform, the perfect quality to ensure that 90 percent of the parts for the Division I self-production. The use of advanced CNC machine tools and machining centers, the core parts of a molding, precision error is less than 0.01mm.
Leshan has the following industry leading precision machining equipment:

Mazak European Machining Center (MAZAK HCN8800)

Ensure core components, each side, multi-cavity precision machining consistency, thereby enhancing the efficiency and durability of the core components.

● Manufacture high-precision core components, precision machining

● Travel(X/Y/Z)

● Fast traversal speed
    HP HP10000rpm,37 kW (50)

Pentahedral Machining Center KMC-3000SVH-E

For processing swing frame seat, to ensure that the swing frame is always in the same horizontal line.

● X, Y, Z-axis disposable processing

● The main processing lock template, swing frame seat

● High-precision processing -0.001mm

● Processing travel 3000 × 2000 × 1500mm

Force and mechanical gantry milling

China's exclusive use of gantry processing rack insert pen surface, to ensure that the same pen inserted angle, vertical 90 degrees.

● Double spindle head

● Processing stroke

● High precision one-time processing rack base

Japan North Okuma CBR-370 Okuma (Japan)

Processing multi-die split fluid to ensure that the size of the fluid between the multi-cavity consistent, extrusion tube perpendicularity consistent.

● Split one time forming

● Processing stroke 600×630mm

● High-precision processing -0.001mm

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