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Happy working, passing happiness

The clubhouse has a golf driving range, designed for golf enthusiasts to practice swing and putting!

Our Mission:
"Lechuang high-tech, user-friendly development"

Enterprise core values:
"To create a platform for employees, product innovation and technology for customers to create value"

Corporate vision:
"Committed to become the world leader in intelligent equipment, and customers win-win golden hope"
  • Companies with American billiard tables, badminton courts and other sports facilities table tennis courts.

    Thirty-five friends, the wine made Huan, sports, work and rest, we always always in the good music are so full

Employee leisure activities


In the attention to the material needs of employees at the same time, the company also pay attention to personnel training, internal training system, Constantly refined to enrich their business capabilities.


In the good music, we enjoy learning, to enhance personal performance never neglect; we work closely with the efficient and orderly treatment of the problem. Joyful people believe that our happiness can create a satisfactory product to your satisfaction.

Learning culture

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